The operating data is recorded and stored by the electronics integrated in the Speedsynchro® Modular/NFC. The readout of data is done via an NFC-enabled smartphone.
The required app can be downloaded free of charge for iOS from the Apple App Store or for Android operating systems from the Google Play Store.

NFC function with iOS or Android operating systems
The readability of data using NFC with Android operating systems depends on the technical specification of the smartphone. The first smartphones with NFC function were launched in 2008.
iPhones with iOS support the readout of NFC tags from iPhone 7 along with a suitable NFC reader app.

Speedsynchro® electronics
The electronics of the Speedsynchro® system are embedded and protected under the silver cover, the NFC readout antenna is integrated inside. Depending on the operating condition, the electronics are in active mode or in energy saving mode.
Power is supplied by a battery integrated in the Speedsynchro® Modular/NFC, the charge state of the battery can be read via NFC. The battery has a service life of several years and is easy to replace. The operating data is not lost when the battery is changed.

Reading the operating data
The operating data is read out via wireless coupling of smartphone and Speedsynchro® antenna. The Speedsynchro® antenna is located under the silver cover. The position of the antenna in the smartphone depends on manufacturer and model.
For coupling and reading the operating data, it is sufficient to move the back of the smartphone in direct contact or within a few millimeters over the silver protective foil. Depending on the specific model of the smartphone, the EMUGE app opens automatically and the operating data can be read. If the app does not open automatically, it must be opened manually before coupling the devices.

Speedsynchro® Modular/NFC | NFC function with iOS or Android operating systems

Additional advantages of the Speedsynchro® Modular/NFC
  • Simple programming as synchronous cycle with feed programme adapted to the transmission ratio
  • Evaluation of time benefit of the Speedsynchro® Modular/NFC compared to a synchronous cycle by a “simulation” without Speedsynchro® Modular/NFC and tool
  • Accurate thread depths. No variations in thread depths associated with conventional tapping attachments since the Speedsynchro® Modular/NFC in contrast to tapping attachments does not reverse the sense of rotation
  • The reversal of the threading tool is done by the machine drive spindle:
    – No switching components in the Speedsynchro® Modular/NFC
    – Low wear and longer maintenance intervals
    – Maintenance independent of number of threads produced
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