• higher cutting speeds
  • longer tool ife
  • reduced installation costs

More informations about Speedsynchro® Modular

Advantage Savings in cycle time

EMUGE Speedsynchro Modular



higher cutting speeds

In a synchronous thread production machine spindles do not achieve the programmed rotational speeds above a certain spindle speed. The transmission gearing of the Speedsynchro® Modular keeps up with the programmed speeds.

longer tool life
The patented minimal length compensation function reduces the axial force on the tap.
reduced installation costs
Lower energy consumption due to the use of minimum quantity lubrication (MQL).

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Speedsynchro Modular Economical Calculator

Economical Calculator

Return on investment

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Speedsynchro® Modular Economical Calculator

EMUGE´s Speedsynchro can be used in threading operations to run machine spindles in an energy-saving non-critical rpm range. Use and benefit from our cost-efficiency calculator.

NC Fertigung Fachartikel


NC Fertigung


High-speed on threading tools

The Speedsynchro from Emuge enables the spindle motor to run at an easy-to-control and energy-saving rotational speed in thread productions. This is due to the transmission gear which guarantees high cutting speeds of the tool. ZBG Zerspanungstechnik located in the city of Bruck in Upper Palatinate reduces cycle times this way by up to 25 percent in thread productions.

Surface in Design-Quality
„Our focus today is primarily the machining of complex high-quality engine- and chassis components through to assembly and final inspection of assembly groups. The production of surfaces in design quality constitutes oneof our special expertise areas.“

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Maschine & Werkzeug Fachartikel


Maschine & Werkzeug



The transmission unit “Speedsynchro Modular” of Emuge is able to achieve higher cutting speeds in thread production. Cycle time can be reduced by up to 50 percent. Additional positive effects include reduced energy consumption and an increase of tool life.

Reduction of machining cycle time
“The reduction of cycle time is important because the main issue in most cases is to accelerate a process and as a result to reduce costs or to produce more components in the same time” says Peter Liebald , product manager Emuge. Emuge addressed the problem that synchronous spindles of modern machining centers can in many cases not achieve the programmed synchronized rotation speeds when running high cutting speeds.

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Werkstatt & Betrieb Fachartikel


Werkstatt & Betrieb


New Convolutions of the Brain

Emuge´s Speedsynchro makes it possible to run machine spindles in a non‐critical energysaving rpm range during thread production. ZF in Passau expects shorter cycle times and extended maintenance intervals from this system.
(Dr. Michael Hobohm from WB Werkstatt+Betrieb beim Carl Hanser Verlag in München)

Only parts actually required are produced.
The control units produced by the Performance Centre Castings on a Hüller‐Hille NBH 95 in complete production consist of channel plate and valve body which are assembled later. In order to connect the plates to each other, tap holes are drilled into the sealing surfaces and afterwards the threads are cut....

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Advantage energy Savings

Speedsynchro Modular FAQ


Fragen und Antworten zur SpeEdsynchro® Modular Technologie


What is the Speedsynchro® Modular?
  • The Speedsynchro® Modular is a threading tool adaptation with minimum length compensation and a quicker transmission gear.


Why would you need a Speedsynchro® Modular?
  • The synchronous rpm over 2000 U/min programmed for thread machining are often not reached on modern machine tools.

  • The threading tool may though not be driven with the optimal cutting speed.

What is the use of the Speedsynchro® Modular?
  • A significant cycle time reduction, a clear saving of energy during the thread machining and a perceptable increase of the threading tool life.
Is the Speedsynchro® Modular a tapping attachment?
  • No! It is not a tapping attachment! The reverse of the tool rotation direction is carried out through the machine spindle and not through the transmission gearing!
How does the Speedsynchro® Modular work?
  • Due to the Speedsynchro gearing the machine spindle may be programmed with a lower speed (< 2000U/min). This programmed spindle speed is reached during the thread machining in any case. The cutting speed at the threading tool is actually higher due to the transmission gearing.

What can the Speedsynchro® Modular be used for?
  • The Speedsynchro® Modular is suitable for thread cutting and thread forming from M1 – M8. For soft materials and fine threads even bigger dimensions are possible upon consultation.
Where does the use of the Speedsynchro® Modular make sense?
  • The Speedsynchro® Modular may be used on any machining centre with synchronous spindle.
What are the savings when using the Speedsynchro® Modular?
  • The cycle time savings depend on the dynamics of the machine spindle. Empirical values show a cycle time reduction between 20 and 50% of the entire threading process.

  • The energy reduction at the thread production is about 90%.

  • The reduction of the axial force depends on the process and is known from our Softsynchro tap holders with minimum length compensation since many years in practice.
How to determine the cycle time reduction?
  • To do this you do not need a Speedsynchro® Modular!

  • You only need to change the tool parameter for spindle speed and feed rate in your CNC programme!

  • Thread cycle Speedsynchro® Modular:Spindle speed/4,412 spindle feed rate x 4,412.

  • Run the thread cycle Speedsynchro® Modular without component in the machine – measure the cycle time for the thread machining – Compare the time for the previous machining with the Speedsynchro® Modular time.

  • By increasing the cutting speed compared to your today’s parameter, the cycle time may be reduced further on.

  • With our Return-On-Investment-calculator, the percentage saving and cost reduction may be estimated.
What do you need for the use of the Speedsynchro® Modulars?
  • Ensure the locking mechanism: The Speedsynchro® Modular is equipped with a stop fixture for the tool magazine which is connected with the fixture of the spindle. Your machine supplier may tell you whether your CNC machine spindle is already equipped with the spindle stop fixture.

  • Adapt programme parameter: For the use of the Speedsynchro® Modular it is only required to adapt the CNC programme parameter to the transmission gearing by changing the speed and the feed values.
How to get a quotation for the Speedsynchro® Modular?
  • To submit you a quotation we require a drawing of the spindle front side of your CNC machine. The drawing is normally part of your machine documents or may be received from your machine supplier.

  • The stop fixture of the Speedsynchro® Modular is adapted to the machine conditions.
  • You will receive a drawing of the design together with our quotation and with this you may carry out the crash contour research for your machining centre.
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Advantage Reduction of axial force on threading tool

Speedsynchro Modular


Speedsynchro® Video

Advantage Increase in efficiency


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